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Young family plays with a boardgame together in a bright living room with a black modern farmhouse grandfather clock

About Hermle North America

Young woman sits comfortably on a couch with "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis, looking out the window, with the Shelborne walnut grandfather clock behind her in a well decorated modern living room

Hermle North America is a clock manufacturer and importer of quality clocks based in Amherst, Virginia. A branch of the international and world-renowned German clock makers, Hermle Uhren, Hermle North America has carved a space for itself in the interior design and home décor industry through their team’s understanding of current design and market trends. Our careful curation of clock designs feature not only those traditional favorites from our German parent company, but also the bold, the colorful, and the fanciful clock designs found elsewhere around the world.

As the company’s vision and design have evolved, Hermle North America’s work was featured in Southern Living Magazine in the Fall of 2019, and their continual evolution of designs continues to push the envelope of connecting people with timepieces in a fresh, modern way.



We are constantly inspired by the people, places, and spaces around us. Hermle is a company that believes in the importance of tradition. Truly, we meet people from around the world who have personal attachments to clocks and the memories that they carry.

We create products that are made to withstand the test of time, uniquely designed and constantly evolving to match a modern, digital era where clocks are viewed as form over function. We strive to create beautiful decor that sparks joy in the hearts of our customers.

We believe that the perfect combination of sentiment and fresh design never goes out of style. Our promise is to create the designs that you love, with the expertise and the quality you desire.

We're inspired by you, our loyal customers, to create the best clocks for you to enjoy.


Wrought Iron oversized gallery wall clock on white shiplap wall hangs above blue velvet bench with books and artwork