• Green desk clock with silver pendulum on colorfully decorated bookshelf with modern decor


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  • Large oversized black wrought iron gallery clock with roman numerals on white shiplap


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  • Classic walnut grandfather clock behind rustic dining table in industrial decor scene while woman lights candles and sets the table

Cute round brass table clock on white marble countertop with lavender plant

Desk & Table Clocks

Cherry grandfather clock gleams in the sunshine against a gray wall and upholstered white chair

Grandfather & Modern Floor Clocks

Oversized large wrought iron gallery wall clock with roman numerals on white shiplap wall with blue upholstered bench beneath

Oversized & Gallery Clocks

Motion cuckoo clock with deer, hiker, and dancing children in classic German scene

Cuckoo Clocks

Modern aluminum curl clock with black numerals and dial in colorful eclectically decorated living room

Regulator & Pendulum Clocks

Brass finned astrolabium clock that follow's the Earth's rotation around the run through the calendar year on shabby blue table

Astrolabiums & Telluriums

Top Sellers

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Vintage-style skeleton wall clock with wrought iron elements and and black and gold finish


Black/Gold Vintage Style Skeleton Regulator

Oval motion mantel clock with walnut veneer and elegant fairytale scene


Christmas-time musical motion clock

Cuckoo style clock with painted summer floral scene, two gnomes, and a swinging German girl beneath against shiplap wall


Mini-cuckoo style clock

vintage style wrought iron skeleton clock with gold edged dial and movement against white wall


Gold/Black Vintage Style Skeleton Clock

New Items

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Sleek black pinched waist grandmother clock with navy moon phase dial against white shiplap wall


Pinched-Waist Grandmother Clock

Modern aluminum pendulum wall clock with electric red dial and chain made from bicycle gear and chain against a white wall


Modern Pendulum Clock

Charming and eclectic cuckoo style battery operated wall clock with blue and gold plaid backing and golden deer head atop.


Funky Cuckoo-style Pendulum Clock

aluminum pillar clock in green on colorfully decorated bookshelf with green aloe plants and pink books

Mikal - Green

Bold Eclectic Aluminum Pillar Clock

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Modern Farmhouse

Discover blends of neutrals and textiles to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Green and Gold

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