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Looking back over the past months that I have worked here, it’s important to state how much work is needed to improve our presence to new customers as well as rekindling our love and appreciation for our current loyal customers.

This style of writing may be new to the folks who follow us. That’s because I’m the new Marketing Manager at Hermle North America, at your delightful service. Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Daniel Ikpeme (pronounced ee-peh-meh – it’s a strange last name that you will get accustomed to very soon). I will be handling all marketing campaigns and inquires, social media and a whole host of other exciting “super” projects. So anytime you get a response through our social media channels, it’s most likely me on the other side. I want to approach you all in a heartwarming way and in a manner that demonstrates my undivided attention towards providing you with quality content on any and everything clock related.

With all that said, let’s not waste “time” … get it, because Hermle is a clock company and clock tells the time… ok no more clock puns, for now. So, you might be wondering, why someone young would be intrigued by clocks, much less mechanical ones. First off, I hope you consider 25 young because it won’t be long before I reach 30, ah yes, the dreaded number reminding you of how much “time” you’re wasting … Secondly, I am a man of many interest, especially with vintage/antiques and retro items. I love artifacts (functional or not) that remind me of days gone by, the years that came by before I was born, the wars fought, the rights won and the liberation of many. Each second passes by every day and we pass it off as something worth not deliberating over, but those seconds accumulate to minutes, the minutes to hours, the hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to year, and even then it does not ease to yield to man’s desire to take back what he desired to achieve, all the prolonged moments that time provided to set out to act on one’s desire to pursue their purpose.

How many times have we wished “if only I could go back and do what I wanted”? From the civilian checking the time for work to the soldier following his time for deployment, we need not ignore the seconds wasted and seeing the clocks that Hermle has made and continues to make, the efficacy and craftsmanship makes me yearn for times lost with every chime, as it strikes my earlier memories of the times I wished I cherished more. I am not much of a poet but we all clock-in this world and will eventually clock-out when our time comes. What record can you leave behind to the ones that will clock-in when you clock-out? Time matters and having a clock that serves as a totem for your legacy is the foundational reason for why I desire nothing more than to see Hermle flourish.

What awaits me here in Hermle? Having completed one of my tedious but fulfilling projects (Hermle’s 2023 – 2024 Catalog), I can say that what awaits you all, not me, is something no short of spectacular – so look forward to it. 

All in all, this blog serves as an introduction to who I am and my purpose in the company. Hopefully, you like this style of personal writing and get ready for a whole host of interesting content in the coming future (which could be very soon).


- What kind of content would you love to see about our clocks? (e.g. video tutorials on repairing clock movements, how to assemble clock kits etc.)




Thanks Daniel!
I live in the state North Carolina, USA, a neighboring state to Virginia. In addition to my handcrafting leather operation, CT Music Straps and Designer Leatherworks, I have recently added Clock restoration to my activities. I already own a few clocks with Hermle movements and currently I am working on an old vintage Grandfather Clock case believed to be originally made in Asia, but since the entire Clockworks were gone (except a pendulum and dial), I am retrofitting the inside to accommodate a Hermle 461-853 BS 94cm movement with moon phase dial. I also am using Hermle Chime rods, and can’t wait until I finish everything to hear how this clock will sound with its “new Heart”! If it’s anything like my current Hermle wall clock, I anticipate a very pleasant experience!

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Welcome to the Hermle team, Daniel! I’d love to see an article about how to choose a clock. All the Hermle products are beautiful (I especially love the Telluriums!), but with so many styles, sizes, and prices available, it can get overwhelming to try to undertand the pros/cons of each.

Thanks for your help starting the conversation!

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