Black Friday 2020

Woman sits on a white couch and gazes out the window with the Hermle Shelbourne in the background

Black Friday is just around the corner! 

What's the best word to describe our plan for this year's Black Friday sale? Ginormous? That feels a bit too silly. Colossal? Too scary. Huge? That's better, but maybe something more condensed and snappier would work - we've got it! BIG!

We're (somehow) only 7 weeks away from Black Friday. For a year that has seemed to vanish before most of us could blink, that's not very long at all! Since more of your customers are planning on shopping online than ever before, we're making this sale the biggest one yet. Until Black Friday hits, make sure you're stocked up on our Best Sellers and Trending products so you don't run out of stock for your sale! We hope you'll join in on this sale.

More Than Ever Before

This year, we're making it easier than ever for you to get the sales you need to round up the year. 

Forget MAP - YOU set the pricing policy!

Our condition: All approved online vendors MUST submit their Black Friday sales plan to Shannon Padgett ( prior to 4pm EST on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020. Let us know what products and categories you plan on including in your sale, what price or discount you're planning on offering, and what dates you plan on running your sale for. 

Don't Forget Our New Items

We've added quite a bit of New Clocks to our lineup this year, so make sure that you add these products to your website if you haven't already. As always, remember that we recommend purchasing these products in advance to avoid any issues with running out of stock while the sale is running. 

This sale is gonna be BIG!