Welcome to Hermle. We build beautiful clocks.

Q: How do I hang the weights?

A: The weights are hung left to right or light to heavy, with the heavy weight on the chime side.

Q: My clock is off by an hour, how do I fix it?

A: To fix a clock that is off by an hour the best thing to do is take the hour hand and place it on the time it is striking. Then wait the hour, letting the time synchronize. After this time has passed you then adjust the minute hand, not allowing it to touch the hour hand, placing the minute hand on the correct time.

Q: I am moving my clock, what is the safest way?

A: The safest way to move a clock is by keeping it up right, if able to do this it is only necessary to remove the weights and tie up the chains. If laying it down is the way it will be moved more steps will have to be made. First, the weights will need to be removed. Secondly, the chains will need to be secured. Finally, stabilizing the chime rods with tape or foam. After these steps are done it is suggested to stabilize the glass by using tape to create X's on the glass and stuffing the empty cavity at the bottom of the clock with a blanket.

Q: I am curious as to the date and type of clock I have,what information should I send to your company to get more information on my clock?

A: We are not always able to date clocks, especially if they were created before the clocks got stamped. But we always love helping! So if you would like us to see what information we can get you it is suggested that we are sent a photo of the clock, the movement in the clock, and possibly the stamp inside the clock. This will allow us to at the very least help to distinguish the movement.

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